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Spotlight Stealerz: Thieving For Our People [23 May 2007|07:30am]


QAC The Spotlight Stealerz 7pm, The Attic, 931 Pacific Ave, SC.

An LA-based theatre/ comedy troupe bring the superpowers of intersecting identities (Xicana, Tamil-Sri Lankan, Filipina, lesbian, queer, stud, immigrant, mixed race) to a show-stopping, spotlight-stealing, laugh right into revolution performance. FREE for UCSC Students; Sliding scale 5-10$. Info: 831.459.2468 or queer@ucsc.edu.


Other events of interest concerning the Spotlight Stealerz:

Student Discussion w/ Spotlight Stealerz
Meet the show-stopping trio in person!
12:30-2pm, Ethnic Resource Center Lounge

Theater and Resistance Workshop w/ Spotlight Stealerz
Queer People Of Color taking the stage!
11am-1pm, College 9/10 Namaste Lounge

This workshop is intended for UCSC student artists and non-artists alike. The Spotlight Stealerz are invested in providing a safe environment for all participants to let go of inhibitions and work and play with one another. Through fun movement, writing and performing exercises, the Spotlight Stealerz love to show our people "tricks" in creatively expressing the issues/stories that are most important to you. RSVP for your slot now. Cantú Queer Center, 831-459-2468


Sponsors are Lionel Cantú GLBTI Resource Center, The Attic, The Queer and Questioning People of Color Workgroup, The Research Cluster for the Study of Women of Color in Collaboration and Conflict, The Women's Center, CARE Council, Queer Geeks, and the Queer Latina Network. Department Sponsors are American Studies, Art, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Environmental studies, Feminist Studies, History of Art and Visual Culture, History of Consciousness, and Sociology. University of California Santa Cruz College sponsors are 9/10, Cowell, Kresge, Merrill, Oakes, Porter, and Stevenson Colleges; as well as Institute for Humanities and Research, Division of Graduate Studies, UCSC Alliance for Graduate Education in the Professoriate, and the School of Engineering.
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[09 Feb 2005|09:21pm]

I'm looking forward to this three-day weekend!
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I'm starting a band, anyone interested in joining? [11 Jan 2005|01:04am]

[ mood | curious ]

I am a percussionist, and I'm planning on creating a band that is a mix between Industrial Metal and Latin Jazz. It might sound crazy, but I think if I can get the right people with the right instruments, this could be an amazing band. I am looking for people who can play the following instruments, and who have the following equipment...

1) vocals (scratchy singing voice and pure sounding multi-octave voice prefered, also if you can sing in a english language and another language that would be excellent.)
2) electric guitar (with noise box)
3) bass guitar (preferably with a Marshall amp)
4) drums (set)
5) one or two of the following: trumpet (preferably with mute), alto or tenor saxophone
6) synthesizer

I am looking for musicians who are familiar with the musical styles of A FEW of the following bands: Puya, Ministry, Ozomatli, Marilyn Manson, Santana, Bile, Mongo Santamaria, The Incredible Bongo Band, Poncho Sanchez, Rammstein, Tito Puente, Lard, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Rob Zombie, Plastilna Mosh, MDFMK, The Latin Playboys, KMFDM, Molotov, Einsteurzende Neubauten, Control Machete, Foetus, King Chango, Skinny Puppy, Cafe Tacuba and/or Nine Inch Nails.

If you are interested in starting this band with me, or if you have any other ideas for instruments, please e-mail me at DonFuzzy@gmail.com, or send me a message at www.livejournal.com/users/donfuzzy, www.myspace.com/donfuzzy, www.myspace.com/davidfuzzygarber, or at my Facebook username "David Garber."

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Tee-hee [11 Nov 2004|01:39pm]

Hey...I need to thank Oceantherom, I had no clue this existed until today. Well, I guess this is my hello message.

One of your local i-tunes music junkies. For those of you in the apartments, you can see me as "Steven's Music" ooohhh, so original I know.
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[23 Aug 2004|10:04pm]
You have to start posting sometime right? Also, this place needs more members, as if that wasn't obvious, but yeah...
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Cutting the rad tape [27 Apr 2004|12:47am]

[ mood | amused ]

Crown College's very own LJ. Neato!

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